distribution of an anonymous identity, why and how

Julia identity keeps her force being distributed, and not linked to a single person or organization. Winston Smith Project decided to host her email address, but every email address in Internet could be used from people working in julia project, identification is provided via pgp key:

pub   1024D/F104185F 2007-12-20
uid                  julia (anonymous identity) <julia@winstonsmith.info>
sig 3        F104185F 2007-12-20  julia (anonymous identity) <julia@winstonsmith.info>
sig          1FB41E19 2008-04-12  Winston Smith <ws@nym.panta-rhei.eu.org>
sig          A2DA4CD5 2008-04-12  Emmanuel Goldstein <eg@nym.panta-rhei.eu.org>
sub   2976g/2481A545 2007-12-20
sig          F104185F 2007-12-20  julia (anonymous identity) <julia@winstonsmith.info>

signed from the pgp of the voicespeaker of Winston Smith Project:

pub   2048R/1FB41E19 2001-08-27
      Key fingerprint = BC EB AA B1 09 D4 76 16  76 59 B3 0E 00 B0 FC 3A
uid                  Winston Smith <ws@nym.panta-rhei.eu.org>
uid                  Winston Smith <ws@hod.aarg.net>
uid                  Winston Smith <ws@nym.alias.net>
uid                  Winston Smith <ws@nym.mixmaster.it>
uid                  Winston Smith <winstonsmith@nym.alias.net>
uid                  Winston Smith <winstonsmith@nym.mixmaster.it>

Reason behind the distributed identity:

  1. be an open, dynamic group.

  2. have not a single point of failure, as the winstonsmith.info domain.

  3. as programmers and hacktivist we should release and sign our software under a common name, to improve authority.

  4. secret key of julia@winstonsmith has been spread between trusted hackivist and they should contact you (with their own e-mail) or you should contact julia directly, for asoftware/information projects privacy-related.

  5. with the only exception of the first software of Julia: Elettra (hosted on this server), further projects must be hosted in other locations.