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The Pbox Model III is out - check below for details.


In italian, it means to create a box with only one button, to keep always on, which connected to your ADSL provides you a firewall, local net services, a web server, a mail sever, and in the meantime, that also works for everybody using an anonymous Remailer or other services for the privacy.


The person who doesn't want, or can't, for the lack of time or knowledge, realizing resources for the privacy, such as Anonymous Remailer, Freenet nodes, proxy TOR, etc. now he can do it, and draw from it even some important advantages.

The Pbox Model I is a modified Xbox, that works on Linux, a list of standard services like web server or SMTP, and one or more applications for the privacy, like a remailer Maximinion.

What do you need? An ADSL flat, a modem (better if it is an USB, like the famous Manta), an Xbox and the desire to work a little bit with it, or a friend who sometimes could do it for you.

The first two Pbox Model I, based on the cheap and choreographic hardware Microsoft ( R ) Xbox are already operative.


Thanks Bill! Thanks Nina! Thanks Emmanuel!

Pbox Modello I

Beside the net services applied from its owner (in this case also wireless connections), it contains the remailer Mixminion called xbox (could it be otherwhise ?), already perfectly integrated on the Miximinion net.
Here are its statistics here end here

The Pbox Model II is based on a Motherboard pc embedded, a Soekris 4501, which contains a AMD Elan cpu compatible 386, 64 Mb ram, a Compact Flash 512 Mb, a serial and 3 Ethernet controller.

It gives the firewall, supports only ADSL Ethernet modems and can realizes also a DMZ
The operating system is a normal Debian Sarge, installed using netboot and a tftp server..
It has no parts in movement, it operates with a few watts, it makes no sound and if you would let it fall down on the floor and it would be OK!

The first Pbox Model II is already operative.
The installed applications are Mixminion, Tor+Privoxy, Mixmaster and Postfix.
Currently only the Miximinion node has been registered with name "pbox-level-2", while the other services are for now reserved only to the internal network

Thanks Emmanuel!

Pbox Modello II

The Pbox Model III is based on a PC embedded card,one Soekris 4801, that contains one CPU and ELAN 386 compatible, 128 Mb Ram, one compact flash card of 512 Mb a serial port,one USB and 3 Ethernet ports.

For the wireless connection insert the WIFI mini PCI Atheros 5354MP ARIES2 4G card into the mini PCI slot, connect the hard disk of 2,5" of 40 GB to the IDE port.The PCI slot is free for the ADSL PCI connection.
The operating system is a normal Debian Sarge, installed using NETBOOT and a TFTP server.

The Pbox Model III can run all application principles for the privacy of the network, including local server POP3, IMAP and SMTP. It can be used as an access point, thanks to the Madwifi driver and to the HOSTAP package.
It can realize a 'mesh' wireless network using the Debian Pebble distribution.

The first Pbox Model III is operative
The installation applications are Mixminion, Tor+Privoxy and Postfix.
Actually only the Mixminion node has been registered with the "pboxlevel3" name, while the other services are reserved on the internal network for now.

Thanks Tobia!

The photos of Pbox Modello III

The necessary part for the assembly of the Pbox Model III are listed below.

Card 4801 with case
Power source
Compact flash
2.5" hard drive mounting kit
Hard disk
802.11a/b/g Atheros mPCI card,kit

The link indicated are for information only; they cannot give indications on availability or best price.

The privacy BOX project need people to realize and put on thenetwork other new privacy Boxes and to test new models and new software configurations. if you want to realize your own privacy box.

If you want to realize your Pbox you can write to the list or to the Help Desk.


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